We are currently hosting our third annual Summar Seminar Series. More information on this year’s series can be found here.

For three years in a row, DRAOI has hosted a Summer Seminar Series, bringing together discourse researchers from many different institutions to share their research, collaborate, and make connections. As the only research network in Ireland focusing on discourse, DRAOI was specifically created to forge new connections and build community among discourse scholars in Ireland, who have ties to Ireland, or who are studying Irish discourses. DRAOI’s annual Summer Seminar Series has allowed our young network to take the first steps towards achieving these goals.

We hosted our first seminar series in the summer of 2021, before we even had a website! Talks were predominately advertised through our mailing list and on our Twitter account. Despite a lack of experience, the inaugural DRAOI Summer Seminar Series was a great success! In July and August 2021, the series featured seven brilliant presentations alongside lively discussions among attendees.

In 2022, DRAOI hosted the second annual Summer Seminar Series, which continued the friendly, informal spirit of our first seminar series and provided further opportunities to make connections among our growing membership. Details of last year’s schedule can be found here (and recordings are available here) or by navigating the links in the sidebar.

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