2023 Summer Seminar Series

Available recordings from July and August of 2023 can be found below.

5 July – Katharine Schulmann (TCD)

Constructions of older people’s vulnerability during the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland: A Grounded Theory analysis of official discourses

12 July – Roumaissa Nora Sayoud (UL)

Legitimating a “humanitarian” military intervention: A critical discourse analysis of the political discourse of David Cameron (the 2011 Libyan Arab Spring rebellion as a case study)

17 July – Robyn Cunneen & Maria Rieder (UL)

A corpus-based critical discourse analysis of language ideologies in parliamentary debates about the recognition of Irish Sign Language

17 July – Alexander Pavlenko & Anatoly Uchvatov (TGPI, RSUE)

An attempt at transforming an island dialect into an Ausbau-language (the case of Ulster Scots)

19 July – Chris Fitzgerald (MIC)

The Discourse of Oral History: A Corpus-Informed Exploration of an Irish Archive

19 July – Antonio Bibbò (University of Trento)

Deal or no Deal? Brexit and its consequences for Ireland in Irish journalism

19 July – Mariavita Cambria (University of Messina)

Empire shaped Ireland’s past. A century after partition, it still shapes our present’: Un-naming partition and social actors in the Irish decade of centenaries

26 July – Belinda Vigors (The Women of Ireland Project)

The “Ghost” of Tight Culture Past: Exploring the impact of cultural tightness in the life histories of women of Ireland

2 August – Simon Statham (QUB) & Helen Ringrow (University of Portsmouth)

Ireland’s hidden diaspora: multimodal stylistic constructions of journey and landscape on the Irish abortion trail

9 August – Elizabeth Kiely (UCC)

Interrogating Class Discourses: The Value of Critical Discourse Studies

9 August – Stephen Gaffney (UoG)

Activating or Exiling our Youth? The (de)legitimation and re-contextualisation of an austerity policy

16 August – Steph Hanlon (Carlow / UCD)

‘Unvetted, Military-Aged Men’: A Discourse Analysis of Far-Right Use of Rhetorical Devices in Disinformation Strategies

23 August – Olena Marina (Kerry ETB)

Present-Day Discourse of Global Challenges: A Multimodal and Transmedia Perspective

30 August – Muhammad Irfan (UL)

The Perception of Artificial Intelligence on Public Discourses in the Republic of Ireland: A Study of Fear and Hope