We’re absolutely delighted to welcome a wide range of discourse scholars to DRAOI’s third annual Summer Seminar Series!

Like previous years, all seminars will take place virtually (via Microsoft Teams). More information can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming everyone for the following talks:

All times refer to Irish Standard Time (GMT+1).

5 July (Wed.)15:00Katharine Schulmann (TCD)Constructions of older people’s vulnerability during the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland: A Grounded Theory analysis of official discourses
12 July (Wed.)15:00Roumaissa Nora Sayoud (UL)Legitimating a “humanitarian” military intervention: A critical discourse analysis of the political discourse of David Cameron (the 2011 Libyan Arab Spring rebellion as a case study)
17 July (Mon.)*18:00*Robyn Cunneen & Maria Rieder (UL)A corpus-based critical discourse analysis of language ideologies in parliamentary debates about the recognition of Irish Sign Language
Alexander Pavlenko & Anatoly Uchvatov (TGPI, RSUE)An attempt at transforming an island dialect into an Ausbau-language (the case of Ulster Scots)
19 July (Wed.)14:00*Chris Fitzgerald (MIC)The Discourse of Oral History: A Corpus-Informed Exploration of an Irish Archive
Antonio Bibbò (Trento) & Mariavita Cambria (Messina)Three Quarters of a Nation Once Again: Discourses on/of “Irishness” during the decade of centenaries
26 July (Wed.)15:00Belinda Vigors (The Women of Ireland Project)The “Ghost” of Tight Culture Past: Exploring the impact of cultural tightness in the life histories of women of Ireland
2 August (Wed.)15:00Simon Statham (QUB) & Helen Ringrow (Portsmouth)Ireland’s hidden diaspora: multimodal stylistic constructions of journey and landscape on the Irish abortion trail
9 August (Wed.)15:00Elizabeth Kiely (UCC)Interrogating Class Discourses: The Value of Critical Discourse Studies
Stephen Gaffney (UoG)Activating or Exiling our Youth? The (de)legitimation and re-contextualisation of an austerity policy
16 August (Wed.)15:00Steph Hanlon (Carlow / UCD)‘Unvetted, Military-Aged Men’: A Discourse Analysis of Far-Right Use of Rhetorical Devices in Disinformation Strategies
23 August (Wed.)15:00Olena Marina (Kerry Education and Training Board)Present-Day Discourse of Global Challenges: A Multimodal and Transmedia Perspective
30 August (Wed.)15:00Brian Hurley (UL) & Maria Grazia Porcedda (TCD)Can European parliaments lead the way? Discourses of cybersecurity in Europe
Muhammad Irfan (UL)The Perception of Artificial Intelligence on Public Discourses in the Republic of Ireland: A Study of Fear and Hope


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