We’re very pleased to introduce a new initiative from DRAOI, the Discourse Research Association of Ireland — The DRAOI Blog!

With a regular series of blog posts from/by/about a broad range of researchers, we hope to increase the visibility of discourse-related scholarship on and of the island of Ireland.

These blog posts will allow DRAOI members to showcase their approach to discourse research in a public-facing forum, with relevance to scholars and members of the public alike. There are nearly as many approaches to the study of discourse in Ireland as there are individual researchers, and we hope that this new initiative will shed light on the interdisciplinary ways that our colleagues are conceptualising “discourse” and its myriad applications: from sociology, linguistics, communication, psychology, critical studies, education, and many more fields across the humanities and social sciences.

All too often as researchers, we can become siloed by our own everyday experiences and backgrounds, whether it be our specific school or department, narrow research field, or community of practice. As the structures of academia push us to become specialists in only a small set of methodologies, approaches, and research traditions, it is easy to miss out on potentially highly relevant theories and best practices from adjacent disciplines. By embracing our specialties and coming together across institutional boundaries, we can learn from each other and expand the horizons of the fundamentally interdisciplinary field of discourse research. The intention for the DRAOI Blog is to provide a platform to showcase the diverse approaches to the study of discourse in Ireland and to allow for broader exposure to these approaches than we might otherwise encounter.

Individual posts may follow a traditional blog post style, or they may take more creative forms, such as an interview, a multimodal exposition, or a creative piece. Topics can range from an overview of a particular approach to discourse analysis, a snapshot of one’s own recent research findings, a spotlight on a featured discourse researcher/group/institute, to editorials and opinions, and beyond! We invite anyone interested in contributing to get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Proposals are welcome from discourse researchers at all career levels and circumstances, from any disciplinary background. The only requirement is that you have some connection to Ireland and/or your work deals with Irish discourses.

To propose a blog post, please email us at discourseresearchireland@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing your ideas!


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